23 January 2015

Pink elegance in 60m²

 An elegant and romantic Spanish apartment full of natural light and neutral tones sprinkled with touches of pink.

via : el mueble

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21 January 2015

Winter Pastels

 So soft, romantic and ethereal, cupcake inspired pastel colors are the obsession of all girlish girls, who want to spice up their looks with some innocent and romantic vibe, breaking the monotony and diminishing all the blues. Milk caramel, velvety peach, pale pink, powdery mint, banana, guava, lavender and baby blue – all these delicious shades instantly cheer up and turn any look on the positive way.

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20 January 2015

Workshop Turned into a Modern Loft

 An old dilapidated workshop in the Salamanca district of Madrid, has been transformed into a modern, dynamic and stylish loft by an expert in the art of transforming spaces, interior designer Celia Gómez.

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18 January 2015

Dressed in Flower Petals by Lim Zhi Wei

 Lim Zhi Wei (aka Limzy), is a Malaysian artist and photographer based in Singapore. Born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, she moved to study in Singapore at the age of 16. She was a fine art graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Art Singapore (NAFA). When she was still an art teacher, Limzy founded the #instaartmovement to portray ordinary subjects in a fun yet simple way; she uses flowers and other objects to make these beautiful illustrations! You can follow Lim Zhi Wei on Instagram and Facebook.

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